Commissioning Process

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Unit 24… Explaining the process from Paper to Production

Production Commissioning Process: Proposal Pitch Writer Idea research Script Proposal

What we need to do (by 9th December):

Grading Criteria: Explain the writer’s role within commissioning process, with reference to well-chosen examples expressing ideas with clarity and with generally appropriate use of subject terminology.

What is commissioning?

The process of selecting/employing a company or individual to write/produce a media product.

How can I get my idea or my script commissioned?

Key Considerations…. • What type of product do I have? About Identifying your genre… About identifying your style… About identifying your U.S.P… About identifying your audience and potential demand for your idea…

Key Considerations….  Can I sell/pitch it directly to a corporation?  If so, who are they?  How would I go about getting commissioned? Or…  Can I get support or representation to sell my idea?  If so, where might I find it?

Researching My Explanation… Key Considerations: Explaining roles within the process: E.G: ‘Commissioning editors’ ‘Producers’ ‘Directors’ ‘Script editors’ ‘Agents’ … And explaining the writer’s involvement with… (EVALUATE)

Research… Key starter links: • (For a register of UK production companies and the products they deal with)

• (For everything to do with producing film for the industry inc related job roles) • (For an insight into their commissioning process)